Catty Shack Ranch has more sad news to share.  On July 8, 2017, we lost Nokia, our special white tiger diva.  She was over 18 years old and chose her own time to quietly pass away.

While we do not have necropsy results, she was an older resident and like so many geriatric felines, had been diagnosed recently with failing kidneys.  While we are grief-stricken, we are grateful that in passing, she spared her loving caretakers the difficult determination that her quality of life had ceased.  Thank you every so much, sweet Nokia.

Nokia would have been 19 years old on November 3 and had arrived at the Ranch when she was 3 days old.  She was a great crowd favorite, loving to entertain visitors and volunteers and basking in our attention.  At times, she could be silly – bounding around her enclosure, leaping onto and off of her den box, sparkling with energy.  In an instant, she would strike a regal pose, knowing she was oh-so beautiful and allow you to take perfect photos of a perfect diva.  Then, she’d be off again, chasing her tail, dancing and circling, hugging her boomer ball and splashing in her beloved pool.

The night before she died, the Ranch was crowded with visitors for our Friday Feeding event.  Nokia put on a tremendous show – she pirouetted and pranced and chased.  She surveyed her entire kingdom from atop her den box and danced on the roof.  She had everyone’s attention.  It is as if she knew her end was near and she wanted to go out with a grand finale.  That night and throughout her entire life, she brought smiles to so many faces.

Nokia was one of our Animal Ambassadors.  She loved unique off Ranch experiences.  While we have ceased taking our animals off the premises, for the few events we most recently attended, Nokia happily and readily accompanied us.  For many years, she appeared in the St. Augustine Easter and Christmas Parades, safely riding in an enclosure on a decorated float.  She knew she could upstage Santa, the Easter Bunny, Queens and Kings, Pirates and horses!

Nokia, we so very much love and miss you.  You are now forever free to prance and pose and happily chase your tail.  Rest in peace, pretty girl – you remain forever our special dancing diva!