In February, we celebrate the arrival anniversaries of 3 of our residents.  For some of our animals, we have little-known history, we don’t know their date of birth.  So this is their one very special day to receive extra attention and love.

On February 5th, we mark the 10th anniversary of Spike and Spiderman’s arrival.  Much smaller in size, they were approximately 5 and 6 months old when they came to Catty Shack Ranch in 2008.  Now they are big handsome male tigers known for their talkativeness and their enthusiasm for enrichment activities.  Spike and Spiderman seem to have an opinion about everything and not being shy, they gladly (and loudly) share their feelings with visitors and volunteers.  They know cardboard boxes and tubes are meant to be shredded and drowned in pools; hidden chicken morsels are to be devoured; scents are to be rubbed in.  Christmas trees are to be chewed on, clawed, moved around, scent marked and yes, sunk in pools.  Pumpkins are their special favorite toys.  Spike, especially, is proud of the pulpy mess he can quickly make when given a pumpkin.  His feeding platform is iced in orange goo.  Of course, seeds, pulp, and rind end up in the pool.  Spiderman is known for his prowess at spraying/ scent marking anything (and anyone!) he claims as his own.  This is a normal activity that he practices/exhibits more often than any of our other tigers.

Callie is our “strawberry blond” coatimundi of the South American subspecies.  She arrived at Catty Shack Ranch on February 11, 2011, and was thought to be about 4 years old then.  She sought shelter from the winter’s cold in a pole barn in Callahan.  We worked with Wildlife Coalition to capture her (any easy task, using marshmallows as treats).  After inoculations, spaying, and quarantine, we gave her a permanent home.  Because she didn’t tell us her name, we named her “Callie”, short for Callahan.  Given the ease of capture, we think she may have been a private pet who got loose or was let loose.  She loves to have her back scratched by volunteers and still loves marshmallows.  Even in warmer weather, she loves to burrow in cuddly blankets.  With a well-balanced diet including meat, fruit, and eggs (and only a few marshmallows!), her healthy coat shines.  She shares her home with Cody, a younger coati.  Although he is very active and agile, she is quick to remind him who is the boss in the enclosure.

We love you Spike, Spiderman, and Callie!  We are so very happy to give you a loving, safe forever home at Catty Shack Ranch!