Callie the coatimundi arrived  on February 11, 2011 via the Wildlife Rescue Coalition. She was found in Callahan before her re-location, hence the name “Callie”. Coatimundis belong to the same family as raccoons, the procyonidae family, and range from South America to the Southwest United States. The life span for coatis in the wild is 7-10 years, and about 17 in captivity. At Catty Shack Ranch, Callie enjoys a healthy diet appropriate for her size with vitamins and supplements as required by her species, age, and current health conditions.

Her favorite pastimes are snuggling up in blankets, squeaking at Cody, and enjoying warm afternoons at the Ranch. She makes her way around her habitat using the various catwalks, stair, and ladders provided to her. Although not as energetic as her roommate, she doesn’t see the need to climb up the walls or across the ceiling to get where she is going. She uses her long claws mostly for digging in the ground or in pieces of rotted wood we provide, searching for insects to snack on between meals. Those long claws are also useful for tearing apart pieces of meat or her favorite treats! She can also be seen giving “motherly” advice to her roommate, Cody, when he gets too rambunctious, or stealing his blanket when he’s not looking. She enjoys watching him run around, but she won’t hesitate to let him know when it is time to calm down for a while.

Some of her favorite foods include marshmallows, Fruit Loops, crunchy bugs, and fresh, raw eggs (or hard boiled)! Come visit Callie during one of our Daytime Tours so she can tell you all about her antics with Cody!

We have had 7 marvelous years with this sweet girl and look forward to many more to come!