Tamara arrived at Catty Shack Ranch from a facility that could no longer care for her when she was a tiny cub, about a month old. She is now a beautifully marked photogenic tiger.

For years, she lived with Lex and Terry (now deceased) , the tiger brothers. They were a little younger but the trio loved living together and playing rough tiger games as they grew. Terry’s hip condition required that he live alone and then Lex passed away, leaving Tamara to also live alone. As with pets, Tamara mourned her buddy Lex’s passing. Her behavior was subdued, she napped more and her appetite suffered. Gradually she worked through her grief. She then transferred her attention and affection to the volunteers. She seeks (and receives) our attention, chuffing in conversation and following us along her enclosure’s perimeter as we perform cleaning duties around the exterior. If we spray off her feeding platform from outside, she checks to make sure it is clean, maybe leaving a footprint as her mark of approval. Perhaps she knows that footprint will lead to more footprints and the volunteers will return tomorrow to give her special attention again. She has us well trained!

As tigers can spend 15 or more hours napping during the day, Tamara rests under her platforms or in her den box with only her foot visible through the doorway. Many times, that foot will twitch or wiggle as she dreams. If you catch a glimpse of her sleeping face, she may have one eye partially open. She knows you are there and she is watching you.

As part of the daily cleaning routine, volunteers inspect for and repair any damaged wooden structures and remove exposed nails or other potentially dangerous items. With a tiger’s strength, heavy thick lumber easily shreds when it is chewed on or used as a scratching post. Tamara keeps us alert and busy as she is an active shredder and chewer. We love her for all her antics, even this!

At Catty Shack Ranch, Tamara enjoys a healthy diet of raw meat with vitamins and supplements appropriate to her species, age and current health conditions. All our animals receive regular veterinary care and are very much loved.

Born: July 21, 2000

Rescued: August 21, 2000

Gender: Female

Classification: Panthera tigris altaica (Siberian tiger)