Spiderman arrived at Catty Shack Ranch on February 5, 2008 when he was about 6 months old. He and Spike came from a facility that could no longer care for them. They are not siblings; Spiderman is a little older.

He has grown into a big handsome tiger. When he is not wet from swimming in his pool, you can see the ruff of fur that surrounds his face. He is tall and long, an elegant boy. He serves as a reminder that Siberian tigers are the largest of the tiger breeds. They can easily reach 11 feet in length from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail.

Like Spike, Spiderman is quite vocal. Both boys yowl and “talk” about dinner as they wait for it to be served. Spiderman too actively enjoys enrichment activities. Such diversion and variety is especially important for animals in captivity. It keeps them from being bored and stimulates them to use their innate skills. We frequently schedule enrichment events on the Sundays the Ranch is open as the cats become lively and active as they pounce, investigate, shred and play. Even when we are not open, other easy enrichment opportunities can be presented. Spraying their boomer ball with human cologne or sprinkling coffee grounds, catnip or spices in an enclosure gets many cats’ attention and presents them with a different experience that day. Spiderman enjoys all these diversions.

Many visitors have photos of Spiderman draped over the edge of his raised platform or den box with his long arms embracing it in a bear (er, tiger!) hug. He looks happy up there, just relaxing or maybe planning his next act of mischief. One never knows with Spiderman.

We can not write about Spiderman without mentioning his honorary title of “Best Sprayer.” One should always watch Spiderman’s behavior closely as he is very apt to spray an unsuspecting guest or volunteer. Tigers are territorial and spray (scent mark) anything they claim as their own. In captivity, they mark the boundaries of their enclosures such as common fence lines, sides of den boxes, any vertical surface. When our tigers mark the front of their habitat, sometimes visitors not quick enough to jump right or left get sprayed too. The urine mixture is harmless and easily washes off. Spiderman readily demonstrates his prowess.

At Catty Shack Ranch, Spiderman enjoys a healthy diet of raw meat with vitamins and supplements appropriate to his species, age and current health conditions. All our animals receive regular veterinary care and are very much loved.

Born: August, 2007

Rescued: February 5, 2008

Gender: Male

Classification: Panthera tigris altaica (Siberian tiger)