Haley arrived at Catty Shack Ranch, along with 3 other tigers and Piper the fox on December 13, 2017. The animals had resided at a private facility in South Florida which had sustained damage during Hurricane Irma. We were asked to give a forever home to the 4 big cats to alleviate some of the financial burden of storm damage repairs.

Haley lives with her best friends Rocky and Adrian. When we’ve taken in groups of animals, we’ve given them a group name. These buddies quickly became our “Three Amigos.” All the volunteers who care for the animals know any reference to the “Amigos” means Haley, Rocky, and Adrian.

Haley is the youngest of the Amigos and is the ringleader and instigator of all fun and mischief in their enclosure. When they were released into their new home, she was the first to race around the habitat and first in the pool. She also showed us a new way to enter their elevated den box. All the other tigers walk or run through the doorways. Not Haley! She leapt from the porch, up over the doorway, through the ventilation space below the roof and landed inside!

Haley is a very outgoing, communicative tiger. She chuffs and talks to all her visitors and the volunteers. It will be fun to watch as she grows and matures in our loving care.

The Three Amigos are currently our youngest tigers. It is fun to enjoy all the antics and games that the cubs enjoy. You can understand the meaning of the term “streak” applied to a group of tigers when you see this trio in action!

Haley enjoys a healthy diet of raw meat, portions appropriate to her age, size and nutritional needs. All our animals receive regular veterinary care and are very much loved.

Born: September 13, 2016

Rescued: December 12, 2017

Gender: Female

Classification: Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)