What a wonderful unforgettable day we had at Catty Shack Ranch on New Year’s Eve Day, 2011. Five little girl tiger cubs arrived at the Ranch, their new permanent home. They were 2 sets of sisters – 2 being 5 weeks old and 3 being 3 weeks old. All were nameless. They came from a facility (a licensed breeder) that could no longer care for them. We remain so grateful that we were asked to give these precious girls a forever home.

The three younger cubs became Jade, Cayenne and Nikki. As youngsters, Jade wore a green collar; Cayenne, a red one and Nikki, a pink one. Volunteers often distinguish between the 3 sisters by the marking on their left cheeks. Jade has a trident shaped mark on her face. She is also the “fluffiest” of the girls, having the most fur and also being the chubbiest (although her weight is perfectly healthy). Her pretty face is surrounded by a plush thick ruff. She loves to close her eyes and smile in the sun, knowing how pretty she is.

If there is one of the girls resting by herself, it is usually Jade. She loves to spend time alone. She naps in the shade under their elevated house. When it is time to clean the 5 girls’ enclosure, Jade is usually the last to be coerced into the lock out den. And many times, she remains in lock down (with the door left invitingly open) long after the other 4 have left to enjoy their clean habitat and splash in their pool. Jade is very much a cat, doing things when Jade wants to do them. We love her for being Jade!

At Catty Shack Ranch, Jade enjoys a healthy diet of raw meat with vitamins and supplements appropriate to her species, age and current health conditions. All our animals receive regular veterinary care and are very much loved.

Born: December 9, 2011

Rescued: December 31, 2011

Gender: Female

Classification: Panthera tigris altaica (Siberian tiger)