Catty Shack Ranch is observing several residents’ birthdays and anniversaries in July and August. As we are so grateful to be able to care for all our animals, we try to celebrate everyone’s birthday and/or arrival anniversary. Even if we are not open to the public, they each get special treats (and extra loving thoughts) on their very own special day.

Al and Tucker, our cougar boys are 15 years old on July 14th. These handsome guys were once blue-eyed babies in spotted coats. We celebrate the July arrival anniversaries for Nero (in 2010) and Cody (in 2015). Nero, our largest tiger, has splashed and played in his pool since his arrival day. Cody the coatimundi has grown from a tiny baby into an ever-active entertaining acrobat.

On August 8th, Valeria the cougar will be 14 years old. She supervises Al and Tucker from across the aisle, often high up on her platform. The “Fluffies”, tigers Runty, Star and Sprout will be 5 years old on August 14th. They will enjoy a splashing good pool party. Spiderman the tiger will be 9 years old in August. He will tell you he’d love to smash a pumpkin or shred a phone book as he celebrates!

Three of our animals came to Catty Shack Ranch, their forever home in August. Tamara the tiger arrived in 2000. She chuffs and seeks attention from all the volunteers. Sarah, the tiger who greets you at the entry to Tiger Row arrived in 2009. Many of us call her “Sweet Sarah” for a reason. Tippy, our silver fox, arrived in 2013. She runs around and digs burrows in our fox enclosure. Ask her what a fox says!

Come visit our animals soon and bring your personal greetings to these special celebrants.

Happy Birthday Al, Tucker, Val, Runty, Star, Sprout and Spiderman! Happy Anniversary Nero, Cody, Tamara, Sarah and Tippy! We love you!